Truth and Accountability

Speak your truth

To speak your truth, you must connect with your feelings and voice your unique experience in the world.

It requires you carefully choose your words to cleanly describe what is going on in your life - what is working and what is not.

Your truth, when spoken, needs a witness. It needs an unblinking eye to see you, but not to save you.

With every-increasing centripetal force, the practice of honest speech brings you to your centre.

Your truth

Your truth is the inexhaustible expanse within. It is yours alone.

It is the raging sea with the power to transform the land over time. It is the deep pool of grief that knows the love that hurts. It the terror in the dark night that sharpens the senses. And it is joyous radiance of the heavenly garden.


Your truth is that which you want to share and that which you don't. It encompasses what you judge as not good enough and what you judge as too good to be safely seen and owned.

Only you can find your truth and only you know when it is spoken. And only when you speak it in fullness can you arrive fully in the world.

Manifests reality

Truth denied and unspoken acts in your life outside of your awareness and control.

Speaking and owning your truth opens the possibility of change. Being supported to take conscious action on it brings all of your power into present to manifest your highest reality.