Truth and Accountability

Support and be supported

We host discussion and development circles called Revolutions. They comprise structured activities purposely designed to provide education and practice in the five tools of truth and accountability.

Everyone is welcome to join us in Revolutions. You can read our expectations for participation here.

They are called Revolutions as one experience in a circle will not effect lasting change. Only regular practice will bring truth and accountability into your life. 

Work in circles

When truths are spoken in the company by others, deep affirmation is possible. And when accountability is practised within the support of a circle, a powerful mechanism of responsibility and motivation is engaged.

Though courage is needed to work in circles, the gifts returned are abundant.

Alone is impossible

Individual work can lead you to know something intellectually. It can help you sense something intuitively. But there are some aspects of knowing that are elusive when working alone.

The energy and dynamics present in groups provide an effective way to unlock emotional patterns and those held within your physical body. They provide an effective and reliable mechanism for change.

Practice, support

No new skill, behaviour or way of being can ever be adopted without practice.

High quality, supported practice enables adoption far quicker than other techniques. Moreover, practising with others in a safe environment provides vicarious experience and rich observational learning opportunities.