Revolutions: Expectations for participants


If you are physically present, be mentally and emotionally present too. Be awake. Notice and feel what is happening. Pay undivided attention. No phones. No side conversations.


What is shared inside the circle stays inside the circle. You may speak of your own personal experiences and insights, but you may not speak of another person's work.


Speak from your own heart. Say what you mean.Be open, honest and real. In this space, we suspend the games, agendas and politics of the outside world to create safety.


The depth of your participation and what you choose to say is your responsibility. Take that responsibility. Exercise your ability to choose and respond.


We practice non-judgemental witnessing and listening. Listening is a complete transaction, not an invitation for your judgement, whether admonition, advice or applause.


In this space, we leave behind status. I accept and welcome all of you and all of me. We are all real. We are all different. We are all the same. We are all human.


Submit to the process. Trust the power of the circle. Without offering your trust, you cannot receive safety. Without safety, you cannot open to transformative challenge.